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New Shareholder Structure and Board Members

According to the announcement dated July 7, 2017, the share transfer of Akfen Holding’s 8.119% stake in TAV Airports to Tank OWA Alpha GmbH, which is wholly owned by Groupe ADP, has been completed. After the said transaction, the shareholder structure of TAV Airports is below: Shareholder Structure of TAV Airports: Groupe ADP*: 46.12% Tepe İnsaat Sanayi A.S. : 8.06% Sera Yapı Endustrisi ve Ticaret A.S: 2.05% Other non-floating: 3.27% Other free-float: 40.50% *Through Tank OWA alpha GmbH, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris According to the Board Resolution after the said transaction; the Board of Directors (BoD) of our Company, in its meeting held on July 07, 2017, accepted the resignations of board members, Akfen Holding A.S, Bilkent Holding A.S. and Mr. Augustin Pascal Pierre Louis Marie de Romanet de Beaune. The Board of Directors has also resolved to appoint Mr. Philippe Eric Pascal, Mr. Franck Mereyde and Mr. Fernando Echegaray del Pozo to the vacant seats in the BoD. The new members will be presented to the General Assembly for approval.

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