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Sustainability Report
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The Company expands maximum effort to be sensitive to its social responsibilities in its operations. It complies with all regulations regarding the environment, consumer and public health, as well as ethics rules, and directs and supports its subsidiaries to behave in the same manner. The Company's terminal operating subsidiaries conduct their operations in compliance with environmental legislation, directives and guidelines of international aviation organizations such as the ICAO, ECAC, EUROCONTROL and IATA, as well as the Equator Principles of the World Bank.

Due to the nature of their operations, the Company and its subsidiaries are not legally obligated, within the scope of Environment Law and its related legislation, to produce environmental impact assessment reports. Nevertheless, the Company's relevant subsidiaries prepare environmental reports and environmental management plans during both the construction and operation phases of terminals and comply with updated environmental management plans.

Furthermore, the Company's subsidiaries have international quality control plans for their operation areas and quality control audits are conducted in compliance with international standards. There is currently no investigation, lawsuit, other legal controversy or sanction against the Company or its subsidiaries related to the matters mentioned above.


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