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Charters of the Board Committees
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In line with the Capital Markets Board Corporate Governance Principles, a Corporate Governance Committee, an Audit Committee, a Nomination Committee, a Risk Assessment Committee which report to the Board of Directors, were formed within the Company. General principles regarding the Board Committees are stipulated below.

Audit Committee

Chairman of Audit Committee

Necmi Rıza Bozantı

Members of Audit Committee

Tayfun Bayazıt

Corporate Governance Committee

Chairman of Corporate Governance Committee

Tayfun Bayazıt

Members of Corporate Governance Committee

D. Sevdil Yıldırım

Frank Mereyde

Fernando Echegaray

Ali Haydar Kurtdarcan

Nursel Ilgen

Nomination Committee

Chairperson of Nomination Committee

D. Sevdil Yıldırım

Members of Nomination Committee

Tayfun Bayazıt

Edward Arkwright

Antonin Beurrier

Risk Assessment Committee

Chairman of Risk Assessment Committee

Jerome Calvet

Members of the Risk Assessment Committee

Necmi Rıza Bozantı

Antonin Beurrier

Ali Haydar Kurtdarcan

Philippe Pascal


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